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स्वयंवर : मुंबईतील नंबर - १ विवाह संस्था. वेबसाईटवर मोफत नोंदणी. घरबसल्या स्थळे. स्वयंवर - दादर - मुंबई. Call : 022-24316383/24316384

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2000 रु. भरुन सभासद झाल्यावर वर्षभर कितीही वेळा ऑफीसला येऊन फाईल्स मधून स्थळे घेऊन जाता येतात. याच फी मधे आपल्याला हव्या असलेल्या 210 स्थळांचे फोन नंबर व पत्ते इंटरनेटवर घरबसल्या मिळतात. याच फी मध्ये मोबाईल अ‍ॅप सर्व्हीससुद्धा उपलब्ध आहे.

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  • Swayamwar Vadhu Var suchak kendra (Amberkar Matrimonial) is for Handicapped community all over the world to help them find their Handicapped life partners.

  • Since 1993, hundreds of thousands of people have met their Handicapped life partners through a family “Swayamwar Vadhu Var suchak kendra (Amberkar Matrimonial)” now last 3 years we brought you the virtual “http://swayamvarmatrimony.com” Handicapped matchmaking service.

  • Swayamwar Vadhu Var suchak kendra (Amberkar Matrimonial) was conceived with one simple objective - to provide a superior matchmaking experience for Handicapped community by expanding the opportunities available to meet potential Handicapped life partners. We have set a goal to create a service that will touch the lives of millions of Handicapped people all over the world.

  • Swayamwar Vadhu Var suchak kendra (Amberkar Matrimonial) understands the needs and concerns of Handicapped singles all over the world.

  • Swayamwar Vadhu Var suchak kendra (Amberkar Matrimonial) will provide a pleasant, satisfying, and matchmaking experience to our Handicapped Vadhu Var (Brides & Grooms)

  • Swayamwar Vadhu Var suchak kendra (Amberkar Matrimonial) will let you have complete control of finding your Handicapped life partner through easy to use interfaces and features that can help them identify, filter and contact potential Handicapped partners

  • Swayamwar Vadhu Var suchak kendra (Amberkar Matrimonial) is the perfect matrimonial service partner, you and your friend will be using to find your Handicapped life partner.

  • Swayamwar Vadhu Var suchak kendra (Amberkar Matrimonial) is backed by an unconditional guarantee that your experience of our service, you will want to recommend us to your Handicapped friends.

  • Please take some time to get to know your “Swayamwar Vadhu Var suchak kendra (Amberkar Matrimonial)” better by surfing all the pages. Perhaps the information will help you decide if we are the right solution for you or somebody you know.

  • We offer services for all Marathi Caste matrimonial & Buddhist matrimonial -  Agari Matrimonial , Arya Vaishya Matrimonial, Bhandari Matrimonial, Bhavsar(Kshatriya) Matrimonial, Bhoi Matrimonial, Brahmin Matrimonial, Burud Matrimonial , C.K.P.Matrimonial, Chambhar Matrimonial, Choukalashi Matrimonial, Devali Matrimonial, Dhanagar Matrimonial, Dhobi (Parit) Matrimonial, Dhor Matrimonial, Fulmali Matrimonial, Gabit (Armari Maratha) Matrimonial, Gavali Matrimonial, Gomantak Maratha Matrimonial, Gondhali Matrimonial, Gosavi Matrimonial, GSB Matrimonial, Gurav Matrimonial, Kasar Matrimonial, Kharvi Matrimonial, Koli Matrimonial, Koshti Matrimonial, Kumawat Matrimonial, Kumbhar Matrimonial, Kunbi Matrimonial, Leva Patil Matrimonial, Lingayat Matrimonial, Mali Matrimonial, Maratha Matrimonial, Matang (Mang) Matrimonial, Nabhik Matrimonial, Padmashali Matrimonial, Panchkalashi Matrimonial, Pathare Dhamm Matrimonial, Sali Matrimonial, Saraswat Matrimonial, Shimpi Matrimonial, Somvanshi Matrimonial, Sonar Matrimonial, Sutar Matrimonial, Tambat Matrimonial , Teli Matrimonial, Vanjari Matrimonial, Vishwakarma Matrimonial, Wani Matrimonial, Baudh Matrimonial

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